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The MRC also proactively identifies existing and emerging significant risks, and manages them at the enterprise level within StarHub on an ongoing basis.

It said that the cuts "will primarily affect non-customer-facing functions". In addition, the Directors are free to conduct independent or collective discussions with Management and subject matter experts on any area of interest or concern.

The party that is moving Starhub's cheese is not a single actor. Why restrict yourself to a list of selected networks while roaming? I am vested in M1, Netlink Trust and Singtel.

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StarHub Business Roaming automatically connects you to the strongest network available, wherever you are. The RC will also have full discretion to invite any Director or executive officer to attend its meetings, and to require Management to provide it with reasonable resources to enable it to discharge its functions properly.

Starhub's Moats Traditionally, compared to its 2 rivals, Starhub has the advantage of using its cable network infrastructure to deliver both cable TV and cable broadband services, thus enabling it to spread out the cost of operating the infrastructure over a larger number of customers.

Everyone who uses even a house telephone will hear of them. This has the effect of reducing the excess data charges that subscribers pay when they exceed their data bundles.

A notional EVA bank account is set up for each senior executive, into which the annual EVA performance bonus earned by him for each year is credited. Veronica Lai, formerly the group general counsel and company secretary, was appointed chief corporate officer on Oct 1.

It even had to cut its cent annual dividend last year, a dividend which it had held steady for 7 years. Non-executive Directors can only dispose of all their shares in StarHub one year after ceasing to be a Director. The annual review process facilitates consideration by the Board of its membership, including renewal considerations.

Furthermore, investments into media companies take away cashflows that could be paid out to shareholders. For the avoidance of doubt, such administration fee shall apply on top of the usual Charges, including but not limited to mobile service plan Charges.

StarHub to cut headcount in corporate revamp The Business Times first reported on Sept 29 that retrenchments were imminent. Are you looking to invest in dividend stocks that pay high and stable dividend income? Individual performance objectives are set at the beginning of each financial year. In FY, the Directors participated in a Digital Transformation training session, organised by industry members.

During FY, the NC held 2 meetings.

StarHub CEO, Who Stormed in With Job Cuts, Wants Cheaper Network

Thereafter, for usage in excess of the minutes a month, there will a charge imposed for the excess minutes at the prevailing IDD rates.

As an added convenience for StarHub Mobile customers, they can seamlessly connect to these Wireless SG hotspots through SIM-based authentication, after performing a one-time setup on a supported mobile device. Wired broadband can be categorised into cable broadband and fibre broadband.

Investor Relations

As part of a strategic transformation plan, the telco will also focus on and invest in areas such as new businesses, digital customer service initiatives, enterprise-oriented information and communications technology solutions, and wireless and fibre services, the company added.

The actual number of performance shares released will depend on the achievement of set targets over the performance period. As network upgrading works to boost peak speeds to Mbps across the island are in progress, the new 4G plans will, in the meantime, support speeds of up to Mbps in areas without 4G Mbps coverage.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that M1 is now able to offer a hubbing strategy for customers to sign up mobile lines and fibre broadband. Usages above the specifies amount will be charged at prevailing pay-per-use rates.

StarHub to cut 300 jobs as part of 'strategic transformation plan'

When assessing objectivity and independent judgement, the NC and the Board would consider, inter alia, the approach, character and attitude of each non-executive Director, including whether such Director: This includes hiring more employees in fields such as cybersecurity, home and enterprise solutions, and customer care.

The Board enjoys the unique contribution that each Director brings to the development of the overall strategy of the Group by way of alternative perspectives and fresh challenges during discussions. Aon Hewitt also conducted a Compensation Risk Assessment. A portion of the annual performance-related bonus of the key management personnel is tied to the EVA achieved by the Group in the financial year.

M1: The best of the 3 telcos?

Mobile Services We have come to the most important business segment, which is the mobile services. No such fraud or misconduct occurred in FY In addition, the Company Secretary and members of Senior Management also provide regular updates to the Directors during Board meetings, and through emails and the StarHub Board Portal, on key legal, regulatory, industry and accounting changes which affect the Group.

Although no maximum limit has been formally set by the Board on the number of listed company board representations a Director with multiple board representations may hold, the NC is of the view that the duties of all Directors have been fully discharged based on the time and attention devoted by each Director, their individual abilities and their respective individual contribution of skills, knowledge and experience and their commitment to the affairs of StarHub.

The ERCC has been undertaking periodic reviews of the compensationrelated risks. They offer stability in earnings and dividends.Terms & Conditions - Mobile Data Plans Customer can subscribe to a MaxMobile Lite, MaxMobile Value or MaxMobile Premium as a Value-Added Service (ie.

on top of a StarHub Mobile postpaid plan); or MaxMobile Basic, MaxMobile SurfLite, MaxMobile Ultimate or MaxMobile Elite as a datapack, (ie. without voice plan).

Oct 16,  · Are you looking to invest in dividend stocks that pay high and stable dividend income? You want to invest in stocks with strong fundamental, proven business models, great dividends track record and ideally, you are also the customers of their products/services: Telco plans.

StarHub will be retrenching approximately full-time staff as part of its business transformation plan. Singapore Press Holdings. StarHub is sending around full-time employees to the chopping board. That’s more than a tenth of its 2, full-time staff members.

StarHub > ePayment Welcome to StarHub ePayment service Now with StarHub ePayment service, you have the luxury of paying your StarHub bills in the comfort and convenience of your own home, or anywhere else for that matter.

Not applicable to customers on Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) and business customers. Other StarHub Mobile’s Terms and Conditions apply, details here. OCBC is not responsible for, or liable to any person with regards to, any aspect of the StarHub promotion. Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd.

announced its first restructuring in six years Sunday, including creating a new division to focus on business services such as cloud computing.

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