Describe someone you admire

You already know a lot about your family members and this cue card should be an easy one to answer. Since grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, etc could be the part of a joint family, you can describe any of them if you have a joint family.

I revere my mother for her caring, loving and adorable behaviours on top of her smartness. First of all, he is a respectable man in the locality and he has gained the position by hard efforts. She wrote to me whilst I was in Australia to tell me, and also mentioned that she herself had worked in Australia for many years.

As I was highly busy with my studies, I did not have enough chance to meet him frequently. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. Part 3 — Two-way discussion: Moreover, parents are the primary educator and they teach their children how to develop confidence, social skills, morals, values and views in life.

I passed few weeks with him and found that he is a great man. Earlier the families were united but currently, they have been shaped into nuclear families. When I used to learn mathematics from him, he made all the logic and complexities clear to me within the shortest time and I had a good score on that final exam.

So in that morning I said sorry to her. The only difference was this time - it was worse! When he paints, he keeps me with him to discuss different issues and he invents ideas for painting during the conversation, according to him. Describe a person who is a good mentor.

Positive Adjectives to Describe People

We share a strong bond and have a mutual respect for each other. To be more specific, some examples could be: They take great care in doing things right. In fact, he has access to almost all the local government offices and everyone there knows him well. What average age is normal for retirement in your opinion?

Describe A Person You Admire Essays

He is a widower and lives alone in his own apartment — a few blocks away from mine. I spent my 19 years or so with my parents but I now stay in a metropolitan city for my college education. He is the kind of person I would want my offspring to be.

I have numerous memories of my father and I see him every day now. Talk about someone who cares about you a lot. I think I have known her about twenty-one years, but the story of how we came to be friends is a little strange.

She took great care of me when I was ill and I can remember many sleepless nights she had spent to look after me. The lessons learned from the family are invaluable throughout our life. Then she hugged me passionately. Then she hugged me and gave me a kiss.While describing the qualities s/he has; remember you should talk in a way so that you can conclude by saying that you admire his/ her for all the previously said qualities s/he has and because of your intimacy/ relationship with him/ her.

Describe a Person You Admire Essay Describe an person you admire Beauty, patience, ambition and strength; these words come to mind when thinking of the ideal woman.

Angelina Jolie, she exemplified these characteristics. Jul 06,  · The person I admire Movie stars and singers, who make a lot of money and are famous, are admired by teenagers.

describe someone

However, they don’t even know the person or their personality. To me admiration is a kind of respect. But there aren’t a lot of people in this world who demand this sort of respect from me.

Jun 24,  · And in case you don't look through that list, what many of them will correctly tell you is that 'someone who you admire' is fully correct English, and you don't need to use 'whom', which can sound unnatural.

You can say it both ways. Sep 28,  · Of all the people I have encountered in my life, the person I admire the most is my reason I admire him that much is for the simple fact of him being not just my father, my dad.

Describe someone you admire

Someone who is compassionate feels a strong sense of sadness when they see others who are suffering. A compassionate person always tries to do something to help ease the suffering.

You would find a compassionate person helping out in a homeless shelter.

Describe someone you admire
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