Collaborative advantage

Similar organisations pool their resources to gain a benefit, e. Our research, however, does suggest some other reasons to be concerned about certain developments that are now taking place. It would be a mistake to try to replicate the technological advantages enjoyed by other countries in these areas.

The globalization of today represents another quantum leap. Support for Collaborative advantage internships, cooperative programs, and other efforts at U. So, and here is the first of three paradoxes, to achieve collaborative advantage the first skill is to know when you need to be collaborating and when not.

Expert directories go out of date and do not fully capture what each person knows. This means that the goal advocated by some U. Allowing the other organisation to be different, and tolerating them thinking and acting differently, is Collaborative advantage part of the resilience required for effective collaboration.

The economic threat from East Asia also quickly diminished. To do this, it will be necessary to develop new tools to assess the costs and benefits of the outsourcing of technology development, particularly tools that more comprehensively account for the costs. To alleviate the stranger problem, executives can work to establish relationships between employees from different subsidiaries — but they must do so before specific collaborative events are launched.

Another unit head used a peer assist to receive input from six people in other units who had expertise in ordering oil tankers. Rather, the United States needs to develop new strengths for the new generation of globalization. To be sure, there are good reasons to increase the representation of women and minorities in U.

The second is that it is always better to start out with modest aims and let trust grow through what you have achieved together, rather than talk forever about what you might achieve in the future. Being a good partner is a key corporate asset, or capability, for any business today.

What technical, practical and complimentary skills are both sides bringing to the table? The Work of Co-creation The final part of the jigsaw puzzle is to actually do the work of collaboration to gain the latent advantage.

The visit to the lab sparked a joint effort between the teams in India and Philippines, resulting in a modified TB medication and several other line extensions for the Philippine market. Only when senior managers intervened did the necessary collaboration between country operations take place.

It also makes sense to make sure that the United States retains strength in technologies that truly are strategic. Although markets have worked well for the U. Several major initiatives were implemented to foster collaboration between business units and country operations.

Here are two tools that can assist, my own version of a SWOT analysis, geared to foster collaboration, and the Contractor model. Martin, a newly appointed purchasing manager for a retail firm, was keen to prove his worth by taking as much cost as possible out of the suppliers.

The latter category can in turn be divided into information systems, informal networks and formalized lateral mechanisms.

In that case, they are likely to have developed a shared communication frame in which each party understands how the other uses subtle phrases and explains difficult concepts.

On a scale of 1 toexecutives were asked to rate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with statements aimed at determining the degree of collaboration existing within their firms and to what extent they were using management levers to encourage collaboration.

True collaboration will not occur unless a network of inter-personal ties develops between the members of each organisation. As the Japanese seemed on a relentless march to dominance in industry after industry, pundits in the United States commented that whereas the brightest young U.

One of the most notable facets of this new wave was the emergence of large numbers of non-Western firms to positions of global strength in automobiles, consumer electronics, machine tools, steelmaking, and other industries.

None of the engineering managers we interviewed mentioned a shortage of new graduates in engineering as a problem. Here is the health warning. This comes under the broader heading of collaborative working. The globalization challenging U. It is never going to be a complete match.

The education system needs to better understand the new engineering requirements rather than attempt to shore up approaches from a previous era. While this focus on individual performance is clearly important, executives also need to create a counterbalancing force by developing incentives aimed at fostering cooperation and a shared identity among employees.Collaborative Advantage is built upon solid scholarship and practical experience.

It is not a one-size-fits-all missionary treatise for a managerial technique. Rather, its solid theoretical framework helps us understand what types of supplier relationships are best in various situations, and then frames a practical process for building $ Creating Collaborative Advantage.

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Collaborative Advantage

By John Sutherland. Successful collaboration between businesses can have myriad advantages. Collaborative Advantage is the ability to form effective and rewarding partnerships with other organisations, for mutual benefit. Being a good partner is a key corporate asset, or capability, for any business today.

In the private sector, a well-developed ability to create and sustain fruitful collaborations provides significant competitive advantage. The effective management of relationships to build collaborative advantage requires managers to be sensitive to political, cultural, organizational, and human issues.

In the global economy today.

Collaborative Advantage

Against such global competitors, it is hard to sustain an advantage based on traditional economies of scale and scope. Consider the oil industry. The industry is dominated by a handful of global players such as Exxon Mobil, BP, Shell and ChevronTexaco.

Such “collaborative advantage,” as we call it, comes not from self-sufficiency or maintaining a monopoly on advanced technology, but from being a valued collaborator at various levels in the international system of technology development.

Collaborative advantage
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